Half a cup of Russian, half a cup of Israeli and a dash of Estonian is what makes me. The name’s Kristina, but you can call me Kris. 


I am a lifestyle blogger bringing you content in four categories: Personal, Fashion, Health & Beauty, and Food & Travel.


Growing up I’ve always had an insight and interest in the fashion industry due to my mother’s influence. I’ve watched her work with clothes and sew outfits for me since I was a baby. All throughout high school I was obsessed with fashion magazines such as Vogue and Look Magazine and would always read other blogs which gave me the motivation and inspiration I craved, to create my own.

The Health & Beauty section came through my love for skincare and my battle with acne. Skincare, health and beauty is something I have been passionate about for years, and what better way than to share my passion than with you guys. I am a smoothie kinda girl. I like to get creative with my ingredients and there’s nothing better than sharing my weird but delicious combinations with you all.

Another one of my passions includes travel. Since turning 20 I have had a sudden urge to travel the world and explore. So far I have been to France, Belgium, Finland, Spain, Germany, Netherlands and the Canaries, and I hope to share the next trips with you guys, so stay tuned and follow me!

I have always wanted to keep my options open hence why I decided to create my blog as a personal platform. I hope that you guys will come on this journey with me where I hope to inspire and to expand my creativity.  

Kris x