Comfy in Camouflage

Hello all!

Recently, I’ve been loving denim, and a recent shopping trip to Urban Outfitters helped inspire my creativity for fashion. I find that inspiration doesn’t always come from within, and sometimes you need that push to help you create and to help you step outside your comfort zone. I find Pinterest great for finding fashion ideas: from extravagant fashion week outfits to street style comfort, it has every idea you may have imagined.


The transition to warmer days is fast-approaching (a good day is rare in Manchester), and with that being said, a light outfit is always needed. I decided to style a cropped denim jacket as a shirt with a pair of camo pants and the Alexander McQueen trainers. I find that the pieces look simple but work well with each other in a weird way.


The black, white and grey camo print on the trousers is versatile and will go with most colours in your wardrobe. From white to black to grey, the colours work well. These trousers are an XS and they are still too big around my waist, my waist is like a size 4 and my hips and chest are about a size 6, rarely an 8. One thing I like about these trousers is the unfinished hemline. I personally think it looks good, as it add a bit of edge to the garment, but the only problem is that they become tattered easily and the thread gets longer and I end up stepping on it. However, my mum is not keen on them and she told me the unfinished business on the hem looks like something I would DIY myself (cheers, mother).


I paired the outfit with a black bag, which I purchased just under a year ago, simply because it’s the only small bag I have. I believe it works well with some of the pieces, but I am slightly adamant it doesn’t work well with the outfit as a whole, possibly because the bag is more for classier occasions rather than something you’d pair with this outfit, but a bit of juxtapositioning isn’t always too bad.


The camo pants will look nice with a white cami vest and possibly a black jacket, or even a leather one for extra edge. I feel like with these pants it’s all about the legs and the snatched-waist illusion which is resembled perfectly, as these are high waist. I’ve shared some more photos from the shoot down below for your interest. Don’t mind my belt though, it was all I could find.


Outfit: Jacket – Topshop, Trousers – Urban Outfitters, Bag – ALDO, Shoes – Alexander McQueen

See you guys in my next post!